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Crown Club

Historic building alterations and refurbishment

Red Carnation Group, the owners of the  Old Government House Hotel, purchased the adjoining property in St Ann's Place which was formally The Old Crown Offices.  The Old Government House Hotel had a five star rating but lacked a separate bar facility for its guests.  Our brief was to integrate The Old Crown Offices into the overall design of the hotel whilst retaining and enhancing the historic elements of the listed building.  Careful consideration was given to the sympathetic first floor extension creating an unobtrusive additional private function room. The design re-instated the rooms to their original proportions, removing partitions and staircases which had been added on an ad-hoc basis over the years.  The challenge was to link the Old Crown Office with the Hotel with the least amount of disruption.  This was achieved by creating a glazed link, utilising traditional materials and detailing between the two buildings and forming two openings to what was the rear of The Old Crown Building.
The flagstones and cast iron work to the terrace overlooking St Ann's Place were renovated and reinstated, together with the original external light fittings.
The Old Crown Offices now form an integral part of the Old Government House Hotel providing a relaxed ambience for their guests.

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