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New Build private house

This contemporary energy efficient home was designed for a private client to replace a sub standard house on the site. The design was tailored around the needs of the Client and to take advantage of the panoramic views of all of the Channel Islands.
The project was designed using the latest technology in modern methods of construction to achieve a unique low energy sustainable home incorporating a highly insulated airtight envelope with solar panels and whole house ventilation with heat recovery. The project used materials and finishes that had not previously been used with SIPs construction.
The house previously on the site was an uninsulated property that ha been extended over time but was no longer fit for purpose. There was no outlook to the dramatic views other than a single south facing window on the first floor which gave a glimpse into the potential views. Our brief was to take the existing first floor level as a starting point to design a fit for purpose energy efficient family home that maximised the outlook and took full advantage of the stunning views. 
The design  of the house had to carefully relate to both close and distant views of this prominent site, and extensive dialogue took place with the Planning Department to agree on the position on site, breaking down the mass and scale of the building by effectively creating three linked accommodation blocks, and careful crafting of the building form and use of materials.
The house has the main living accommodation at first floor, with the south and east glazed walls of the living room opening up completely on to the generous balcony space and allowing the stunning vistas out to the other Channel Islands. The house is also designed with Lifetime Homes criteria in mind, as well as a gentle stair leading from ground to first floor a lift has been installed to enable our Clients to continue living in their dream home if their health deteriorates in the future.

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