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New Build private house

The client was keen to utilize semi basement style design to maximize on accommodation whilst keeping the overall height of the proposal to a minimum.  This presented some interesting challenges and unique opportunities.
The property very clearly faces west, as not to impinge on the amenity spaces of the closest dwellings to the north & east.
The idea was to define this orientation with a dominant wall that ‘turned’ in to the roof.  This element also created useful solar shading to the more highly glazed south facing areas.  The roof has also been extended to the west to create a sheltering canopy to the main entrance.
The client was keen to work from home and desired a central study area that addressed the entrance area.  The study became a ‘defensive’ turret.  It’s shape portrays its purpose.
As required by the client, the central entrance allows immediate access to the heart of the home, with a generous naturally light stair & circulation space.
Key to the design was the desire to separate public and private spaces, all four west facing bedrooms are suitably sheltered from public view by the study ’turret’. 
To the rear of the property the articulation of distinct functions is continued.   The rear roof forms are subservient mono-pitched roofs that shelter the bedrooms behind the more dominant entrance roof.

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