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New Build private house

This highly insulated, energy efficient SIPs house was designed to Lifetime Homes standards to provide a low maintenance comfortable home for a private client, to replace the existing poorly insulated bungalow which was uneconomic to maintain.
The design specifically took on board the Client’s requirements to provide a home with low running costs, high levels of insulation and low maintenance durable finishes throughout. The roof is finished in natural slate which will last many years, the walls are finished in a silicone render system which simply requires washing down to avoid having to re-coat. Rainwater goods, copings, fascias and windows are all heavy duty marine powder coated with minimal maintenance required.

Our Clients had never lived in a house with stairs, but were excited to develop the design for a new house with an upstairs living room and outside terrace to enjoy the summer evenings. There is a downstairs bedroom, bathroom and living area, the stairs are ambulant disabled capable of having a stairlift fitted, and there is a kitchenette upstairs too. This level of flexibility means our Clients can continue to live in the house for many years even if their needs change.

Our Clients did not believe the house would be warm in the winter, given their experience of living through many winters in a damp draughty bungalow on the site, but I'm happy to say they have turned the heating down during their first winter in the house.

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